Feature of the Month

On Wednesday August 17, the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry held their annual Undergraduate Engineering Research Day (UnERD). Congratulations to all our summer students who gave great presentations and for contributing to the advancement of knowledge. We would like to give special congratulations to Dania Akbar for winning the poster competition. Please also…


"Directed Evolution enables Simultaneous Controlled Release of Multiple Therapeutic Proteins from Biopolymer-based Hydrogels" Teal, C.J.; Hettiaratchi, M.H.; Ho, M.T.; Ortin-Martinez, A.; Ganesh, A.N.; Pickering, A.J.; Golinski, A.W.; Hackel, B.J.; Wallace, V.A.; Shoichet, M.S. 2022 Advanced Materials, e2202612: 1-14; doi: 10.1002/adma.202202612 Publication