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Feature of the Month

Please join me in congratulating Elisa Guo, Sophia Lu and David Li on their recent scholarships. Elisa was awarded the NSERC CGS-M, Sophia the NSERC PGS-D, and David Li the NSERC Vanier CGS Award. Please also join me in congratulating…


A Biomanufacturing Hub Network (BioHubNet) team led by U of T University Professor Molly Shoichet and Scientific Director of PRiME Next-Generation Precision Medicine, along with co-leads Gilbert Walker, Professor of Chemistry at U of T, and Darius Rackus, Assistant Professor of Chemistry…

Advanced Science – 10th Anniversary

Our article, “Long-Acting Ocular Injectables: Are we Looking in the Right Direction?,” has been selected and included in the 10th Anniversary Special Collection of Advanced Science. Advanced Science