Approximately 750,000 vitrectomies are performed each year to treat various conditions including retinal detachment, macular hole, diabetic retinopathy, and cytomegalovirus retinitis. These procedures involve removal of the vitreous gel that occupies the space between the lens  and retina, followed by replacement with a substitute material. There is a growing need for development of a safe vitreous substitute as the materials currently used carry major risks and drawbacks. My research will build on my expertise in carbohydrate chemistry to develop hydrogels for use as a safe vitreous substitute and as a vehicle for the delivery of ocular therapeutics.


PhD in Chemistry (2014-2020)
University of Toronto
Supervisor: Dr. Mark Nitz

MSc in Chemistry (2012-2014)
University of Guelph
Supervisor: Dr. France-Isabelle Auzanneau

BSc in Biological & Pharmaceutical Chemistry + Mathematics (2007-2011)
University of Guelph

Post-Doctoral Fellow, 02/2021-present