Former Team Members

Yukie Aizawa, PhD, 10/2013
Neurovascular Regeneration in 3D Hydrogels
Priya Anandakumaran
MASc, 9/2016
Cell Delivery to the Injured Spinal Cord
Ellie Arnold
PhD, 11/2019
Polymeric Nanomicelles for Targeted Delivery
Alexander Baker
Post-Doctoral Fellow, 04/2019-01/2021
3D Hydrogel Design
Laura Bahlmann
PhD, 08/2022
3D Hydrogels for Macrophages
Brian Ballios, MD/PhD
PhD, 10/2012
Cell Delivery to the Retina
M. Douglas Baumann, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, 5/2010-10/2011
Injectable Drug Delivery Strategies
Chiara Bostock
MASc, 8/2021
Affinity Controlled Release
Matthew Caicco
MASc, 10/2012
Hydrogel Delivery Strategies
Dianna Chan
MASc, 7/2012
Polymer Nanoparticles
Allysia Chin, BASc
Technician, 9/2020-4/2022
Stem Cell Delivery to the Stroke-injured Brain
Michael Cooke, PhD
Research Associate, 10/2015-01/2019
Stem Cell Delivery to the Stroke-injured Brain
Petro Czupiel
PhD, 5/2019
SiRNA Immunopolymeric Nanoparticle Delivery
Vianney Delplace
Post-Doctoral Fellow, 1/2015-8/2018
Chemically Defined Hydrogels for Cell Delivery
Irja Elliott Donaghue
PhD, 1/2016
Local Delivery of Biomolecules to the CNS
Stephanie Fisher
PhD, 1/2018
3D Patterned Hydrogels
Ana Fokina, PhD
Post-doctoral Fellow, 8/2016-5/2019
3D Designer Hydrogels
Tobias Fuehrmann, PhD
Research Associate, 10/2018-02/2021
Stem Cell Delivery to the Injured Spinal Cord
Ahil Ganesh, PhD
Post-doctoral Fellow, 3/2019-8/2019
Colloidal Particles in Cancer
Aileen Gracias
Post-Doctoral Fellow, 9/2017-9/2018
Cell Delivery to the Brain
Marian Hettiaratchi, PhD
Post-doctoral Fellow, 1/2017-11/2019
Affinity Controlled Release
Karyn Ho
PhD, 8/2012
Targeted Delivery and Controlled
Drug Release at Tumour Sites
Sonja Ing
MASc, 8/2018
Local Delivery of Analgesics
Leah Kesselman
MASc, 12/2015
3D hydrogels to Model Neurologic Disease
Howard Kim
PhD, 6/2011
Cellular and Molecular Delivery
in Bioengineered Tubes
Jennifer Logie
Post-Doctoral Fellow, 01/2017-08/2017
PhD, 12/2017
Targeted Polymer Delivery Strategies
Yung Hsiang Liu
MASc, 01/2021
Hydrogel Modification for 3D Culture
Jiao Lu
PhD, 2/2012
Derivatization of Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery
Christopher K McLaughlin, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow, 6/2013-5/2016
Designer Polymers and Colloidal Aggregates
Daniel McLean
PhD, 12/2012
Targeted Delivery to the Brain
Nikolaos Mitrousis
PhD, 6/2018
Retinal Stem Cell Delivery
Jessica Ngai
MASc, 9/2016
3D Chemically Patterned Hydrogels
Chelsea Nimmo
MSc, 8/2011
3D Cell Guidance
Jaclyn Obermeyer
PhD, 9/2018
BDNF Delivery Strategies
Devang Odedra
MASc, 1/2011
Guiding Cardiomyocytes and 3D Gels
Shawn C. Owen, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow, 9/2009-8/2013
3D Patterning of Cancer Cells
Malgosia Pakulska
PhD, 12/2015
Medicine by Design, Tissues by Design,
Project Manager 1/2016 - 1/2017
Local Delivery to the Spinal Cord
Jamie Parker
MSc, 9/2015
Affinity-based Delivery
Samantha Payne
PhD, 7/2018
Cell Delivery to the Brain
Peter Poon
Tissue Engineering Technician, 09/2003-01/2021
Muhammad Rizwan, PhD
Research Associate, 10/2020-12/2021
Post-Doctoral Fellow, 04/2019-12/2020
Hydrogels for Engineered Tissues
Kelti Smith
MASc, 7/2020
Synthesis of a Reversible Crosslinked Hydrogel
Laura Smith
PhD, 11/2020
3D Chemically Patterned Hydrogels
Jason Stanwick
MASc, 10/2012
Nanoparticle Formulation
Kotoe Tamada, MSc
Visiting Scientist, 3/2020-9/2022
Retinal Organoids
Roger Tam, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow, 9/2010-9/2016
Polysaccharide Chemistry
Anup Tuladhar
PhD, 8/2018
Stroke Repair Strategies
Katarina Vulic
PhD Candidate, 11/2014
HAMC Modification for Controlled Delivery
Yuanfei Wang
PhD, 10/2013
Injectable Hydrogels for Applications in Stroke
Ryan Wylie
PhD, 9/2011
3-Dimensional Patterning of Agarose Gels
Linyang Yu
MASc, 8/2019
Affinity Release Systems
Sabrina Zuccaro
MASc, 12/2021
Local Delivery to the Brain
Hongmin Chen
BASc, 6/2013
Controlled Delivery of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) to Promote Regeneration of the Damaged Central Nervous S
Stephanie Iwasa
BASc, 6/2013
Hydrogels for Controlling Cancer Cell Fate Ex Vivo
Mercedeh Modir Shanechi
BASc, 6/2011
Stroke Injury Repair Strategies
Kasra Tajdaran
BASc Candidate, 6/2013
Controlled Release of Therapeutic Proteins for Spinal Cord Injury
Nuno Silva
PhD candidate, 08/2010-04/2011
3D Functionalized Multi-Supportive Structures
Yoko Maliszewski
Administrative Assistant, 2009-2011