Lab Awards (Previous)


Previous Visiting Scientists: 2
1. Naum Naveh (9/2004-8/2005) - currently: Sr. Scientist, Rafael, Israel
“Emulsion Polymerized Fluorosilicones”
2. Gao Jian Ping (10/1998-3/1999)
“Novel Polypeptides”

Previous Research Associates: 3
1. Roger Tam, PhD (9/2016-11/2017) – currently: Research Scientist in Glycobiology, Health Canada
2. Malgosia Pakulska, PhD (1/2016-1/2017) – currently: Communications Director, Fields Institute
3. Bilal Baradie, PhD (3/2004-5/2006) – currently: R&D Technical Manager at MIX-CAN Construction
Materials Ltd.

Previous Post-Doctoral Fellows: 18

1. Jennifer Logie, PhD (1/2017-8/2017) - currently: Policy Analyst, Natural Resources Canada
“Sustained Local Delivery”
2. Roger Tam, PhD (9/2010-9/2016; Ontario MRI Post-doctoral Fellowship [2010-2012]) – currently:
Research Scientist in Glycobiology, Health Canada
“Polysaccharide Chemistry”
3. Christopher McLaughlin (6/2013-5/2016, NSERC PDF [2013-2015]) – currently: Scientist, Delivery
Innovation, Moderna Therapeutics, USA
“Designer Polymers and Colloidal Aggregates”
4. Michael Cooke, PhD (11/2008-10/2015; MITACs Elevate PDF [2013-2015]; SCN Transitional Award
[2011]; ONF Post-doctoral Fellowship [2009-2010]) – currently Research Associate, AmacaThera
“Stem Cell Delivery to the Stroke-injured Brain”
5. Shawn Owen, PhD (9/2009-08/2013; CRS T. Nagai PDF Award [2013]) – currently: Assistant
Professor, University of Utah
“3D Patterning of Cancer Cells”
6. Molly K. Gregas, PhD (2/2011-4/2012; Ontario MRI post-doctoral fellowship [2011]) - currently:
Independent Consultant
“Targeted Delivery in Cancer”
7. Doug Baumann, PhD (5/2010-10/2011; Student Life Catalyst Award [2010])) – currently: Manager,
Formulations & Application Technology, Syngenta Canada Inc
“Injectable Drug Delivery Strategies”
8. Tasneem Zahir, PhD (5/2005-6/2011) – currently: CEO at Gooplo Consulting Inc.
“Engineering Healing for Spinal Cord Injury Repair”
9. Yakov Lapitsky, PhD (8/2006-6/2009) – currently: Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering,
University of Toledo
“Controlled Polymeric Drug Delivery”
10. Nic Leipzig, PhD (7/2006-7/2009) – currently: Robert Iredell Chair Associate Professor, Chemical
and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Akron
“Mechanical Stimulation of Cells”
11. Jordan Wosnick, PhD (8/2004-12/2006) – currently: Senior Scientist, Interface Biologics
“Tissue Engineering Strategies”
12. Thomas Freier, PhD (1/2003-6/2004) – currently: CEO & Co-Founder, Medovent, Germany
“Tissue Engineering Guidance Channels”
13. Bilal Baradie, PhD (2/2000-2/2004) – currently: Technical Manager, Syrian Chemical Construction
Materials Company
“Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Fluoropolymers”
14. Rivelino Montenegro, PhD (7/2003-12/2003) - currently: CTO & Co-Founder, Medovent, Germany
“Localized Delivery to the Spinal Cord”
15. Paul Dalton, PhD (1/1999-6/2002) – currently: Full Professor in Biofabrication, University of
Wuerzburg, Germany
“Engineered Conduits for Spinal Cord Injury Repair”
16. Stephane Levesque, PhD (9/2006-6/2007) – currently: Patent Portfolio Administrator, Innovations
and Partnerships Office, University of Toronto
“Defining the ES Cell Niche with Immobilized Growth Factors”
17. Henry Peng, PhD (1/2000-11/2000, NSERC PDF) – currently: Defence Scientist, Defence R&D
“3-D Modification for Axonal Guidance”
18. Yumin Yuan, PhD (1/1998-9/1999) - currently: CEO, Biomatrik Inc. China
“Fluoropolymer Synthesis and Characterization”
Previous Graduate Students: 55 total: 27 PhD’s, 28 MASc’s

Previous Doctoral Students

1. Stephanie Fisher (PhD 1/2018; NSERC PGS-D [2011-2014]; NSERC CREATE in M3 [2016-2017]) –
currently: Scientist, BlueRock Therapeutics
“3D Patterned Hydrogels”
2. Jennifer Logie (PhD 12/2016; bypassed MASc 12/2012; NSERC PGS-D [2013-2016]; NSERC CGSM
[2012]; OGS [2011]) – currently: Policy Analyst, Natural Resources Canada
“Targeted Polymer Delivery Strategies”
3. Irja Elliott Donaghue (PhD 1/2016; bypassed MASc 1/2011; NSERC PGS-D [2011-2014]; NSERC
CGS-M [2009-2010]) – currently: Senior Commercialization Analyst, Centre for Commercialization of
Regenerative Medicine
“Local Delivery of Biomolecules to the CNS”
4. Malgosia Pakulska (PhD 12/2015; bypassed MASc10/2011; NSERC Canada Vanier Scholar [2012-
pres]; NSERC CGS-M [2010-2011]) – currently, Communications Director, Fields Institute
“Local Delivery to the Spinal Cord”
5. Katarina Vulic (PhD 11/2014; OGS [2010-2012; 2013-2014]; NSERC PGS-M [2008-2010])-
currently, Senior Scientist, Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research
“HAMC Modification for Controlled Delivery”
6. Yuanfei Wang (PhD 10/2013; NSERC PGS-D [2009-2012]; NSERC PGS-M [2008]) - currently,
Consultant, Putnam Associates
“Injectable Hydrogels for Applications in Stroke”
7. Dan McLean (PhD, 12/2012; NSERC Canada Vanier Scholar [2009-2012]; NSERC PGS-M [2008];
OGS [2007]) – currently: Policy Analyst, Health Canada
“Targeted Delivery to the Brain”
8. Brian Ballios (MD-PhD: PhD, 10/2012; CIHR Graduate Training Award, MD/PhD Studentship [2007-
2012]; McLaughlin Graduate Fellowship [2009, 2010, 2012]; University of Toronto Open Fellowship
[2009, 2010]; CIHR CGS-D [2011-2014]) - currently: Resident in Ophthalmology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto “Cell Delivery to the Retina”
9. Karyn Ho (PhD 8/2012; OGSST [2010]; NSERC PGS-D [2006-2009]; NSERC CGS-M [2005]) –currently: Science animator and communications specialist, self-employed “Targeted Delivery and Controlled Drug Release at Tumour Sites”
10. Jiao Lu (PhD 2/2012; OGS [2010]; CIBA Specialty Chemical Inc., Graduate Student Award [2010]; Dr. L. Bradley Pett Graduate Award in Biological Chemistry [2008 and 2010]; OGSST [2009]) – currently, Research Scientist, Toray Industries, Japan “Derivatization of Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery”
11. Yukie Aizawa (PhD 11/2011; MASc 1/2008; Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology Scholarship, Japan) – currently: Project Leader in Global Program and Portfolio Management, Baxalta Inc. “Neurovascular Regeneration in 3D Hydrogels”
12. Ryan Wylie (PhD 9/2011, FQRNT [2007-2010; CIHR Vision Research Fellowship [2007-2011) - currently: Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry, McMaster University “3-Dimensional Patterning of Agarose Gels”

13. Howard Kim (PhD, 6/2011) – currently: Development Manager, Technology - Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine “Cellular and Molecular Delivery in Bioengineered Tubes”

14. Doug Baumann (PhD, 4/2010; NSERC CGS-D [2006-2009]; NSERC PGS-M [2006]; OGS [2005]): currently: Manager, Formulations & Application Technology, Syngenta Canada Inc “Injectable Drug Delivery Strategies”

15. Catherine Kang (PhD, 3/2010; ONF Scholarship [2005-2008]): currently: Senior Associate, Global Regulatory Affairs, Hospira Inc.“Intrathecal Drug Delivery System”

16. Michael Conrad (PhD, 11/2009); currently: Laboratory Manager at NSF International
“Novel Fluoroelastomers”

17. Meng Shi (PhD, 7/2008) – currently: Chemical Engineer, The Shaw Group Inc.
“Nanospheres for Targeted Drug Delivery”

18. Laura Yu (PhD, 7/2008, NSERC PGSD [2008-2012]) – currently: Business Development Manager, Ontario Centre of Excellence “Immobilized NGF Gradients Guide Axonal Growth”

19. Yumin Yuan, (PhD, 4/2007) – currently: CEO, Biomatrik Inc., China
“Novel Biofunctional Degradable Polymers”

20. Stephane Levesque (PhD, 9/2006, NSERC PGSD [2002-2006]) - currently: Patent Portfolio Administrator, Innovations and Partnership Office, University of Toronto
“New Enzyme-Degradable Polymers”

21. Jeff Karp (PhD, 9/2004) – currently: Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School
“Fibrin-filled Biodegradable Scaffolds” (co-supervised)

22. Ying Luo (PhD, 12/2003) – currently: Associate Professor, Peking University
“3-D Patterning of Cell-Adhesive Peptides”

23. Maria Jimenez-Haman (PhD, 10/2003) – currently: Associate Consultant - Demand Management Product Research & Development, Eli Lilly and Company “A Novel Strategy for Localized Delivery of Therapeutic Agents to the Injured Spinal Cord”

24. Xudong Cao (PhD, 11/2001; MASc, 12/1998) - currently: Assoc Professor, Univ. of Ottawa “Defining a Neurotrophic Factor Concentration Gradient to Guide Neurite Outgrowth”

25. Yen Tong (PhD, 6/2000; bypassed MASc, 1997) – currently: Associate Professor, National University of Singapore, “Defining Fluoropolymer Surfaces to Enhanced Nerve Cell Interaction”

26. R Dan Lousenberg (MSc 9/1997; PhD, 5/2000) – currently: Principal Investigator, DuPont, USA “Synthesis of Novel Fluoropolymers”

27. Chantal Holy (PhD, 6/1999) co-supervised with J.E. Davies – currently: Director of Scientific Affairs, Publication Mgmt, Johnson & Johnson “Bone Tissue Engineering on Biodegradable Polymers”

Previous Master’s Students

1. Jessica Ngai (MASc 09/2016) – currently: Intern, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
“3D Chemically Patterned Hydrogels”
2. Priya Anandakumanaran (MASc 09/2016) – currently: Doctoral Candidate, Columbia University
“Cell Delivery to the Injured Spinal Cord”
3. Leah Kesselman (MASc, 12/2015; OGS [2012-2013]; NSERC CGS-M [2013-2014]; NSERC CGS-D
[2015]) – currently: Technician, Daniel Durocher’s Lab, Mount Sinai Hospital
“3D hydrogels to Model Neurologic Disease”
4. Jamie Parker (MSc, 9/2015; NSERC CGS-M [2013-2014]) – currently: Law student, UofT
“Affinity-based Delivery”
5. Matthew Caicco (MASc, 10/2012; CIHR TPRM Graduate Fellowship [2011]; NSERC CGSM [2012]) -
currently: Master of Teaching Student, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE/UofT)
“Hydrogel Delivery Strategies”
6. Dianna Chan (MASc, 7/2012; OGSST [2011]; NSERC CGSM [2012]) - currently: Post Graduate
Business Development Engineering Intern, Mondēlez International
“Polymer Nanoparticles”
7. Chelsea Nimmo (MSc 8/2011; CIHR TPRM Graduate Fellowship [2010]; NSERC CGS-M [2009-
2010]) – currently: Lawyer in Intellectual Property, Norton Rose Fulbright
“3D Cell Guidance”
8. Jason Stanwick (MASc, 8/2011; NSERC CGS-M [2010]; OGSST [2009]) – currently: MBA
Candidate, Harvard Business School
“Nanoparticle Formulation”
9. Devang Odedra (MASc, 1/2011; Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award [2010]; OGSST [2009]):
currently, Radiology Resident, McMaster University
“Guiding Cardiomyocytes and 3D Gels”
10. Nafees Rahman (MASc, 12/2009)- currently, Ph.D. candidate, Zandstra lab, University of Toronto
“Immobilized Growth Factors for Controlled ESC Development”
11. Anne Hsieh (MASc, 9/2009) – currently, PhD candidate, Radisic lab, University of Toronto
“Cell Delivery to the Spinal Cord”
12. Vanessa Scanga (MSc, 6/2009) – currently: Law Student, Osgoode (Fall 2011)
“Stem Cell-Survival and Differentiation on Chitosan Films”
13. Yukie Aizawa (MASc, 1/2008) – currently: Business Development, Kaneka Pharma America
“Neurovascular Regeneration in 3D Hydrogels”
14. Hyun Joo Lee (MSc in Biomedical Communications, 7/2007) – currently: Founder, MultiMension Inc.
“3D Animation Linking the Mechanism of Axon Guidance to the Tissue-Engineered Scaffold
System for the Treatment of SCI”
15. Patricia Musoke-Zawedde (MASc, 7/2005) – currently: Nuclear Safeguards Inspector, United
Nations Organization (IAEA)
“3D Patterned Hydrogels”
16. Dimpy Gupta (MASc, 07/2005) – currently: Validation Manager, Quality & Compliance, Ethicon, J&J,
“Injectable Polymers for Localized Delivery to the Spinal Cord”
17. Alex Goraltchouk (MASc, 6/2005) – currently: Director of Operations, Biogen
“Controlling Stem Cell Differentiation in Tissue Engineering Constructs”
18. Tina Ting-Ting Yu (MSc, 1/2005) – currently: Clinical Research Associate., Quintiles Transnational
Corp., Taiwan
“Peptide Modification of 3-D Scaffolds”
19. Alexandra Piotrowicz (MASc, 11/2004) – currently: R&D Engineer, Interface Biologics Inc.
“Incorporation of Microspheres into Nerve Guidance Channels for Drug Delivery Purposes”
20. Kathryn Moore (MASc, 6/2004) – currently: Research Engineer, Iogen Corp.
“Mechanisms of Axonal Guidance”
21. Cristina Enescu (MASc, 10/2003) – currently: Patent Examiner, European Patent Office, The
Hague, Netherlands
“Methods of Enhancing Mechanical Properties of Hydrogel Tubes Used as Nerve Guidance
Channels in Rat Spinal Cord Injury”
22. Yusuke Katayama (MASc, 09/2003) – currently: Pharmacy student, UofT
“Prolonged Release of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor from Poly(lactide-co-glycolide)
Microspheres Dispersed within a Polyethylene Glycol Hydrogel”
23. Margaret MacSween (MSc, 8/2003) – currently: Medical Doctor
“Guiding Nerve Fibres in a 3D p(HEMA) Scaffold”
24. Terri Kapur (MASc, 06/2002) – currently: Senior Director Research and Development, Joint Repair
and Advanced Healing at Smith & Nephew
“Stable Gradients of Neurotrophins for Guided Neurite Outgrowth”
25. Derek Shaw (MASc, 10/2001) - currently: Engineer, Church & Trought
“Peptide Surface Modification of Extended Poly(tetrafluoroethylene) Fibers for Guided Neurite
26. Samar Saneinejad (MASc, 9/1999) – currently: Director in Strategic Projects, St. Michael’s Hospital
“Surface Modification of PCTFE for Controlled Hippocampal Cell Interaction and Axonal Growth”
27. Sabeshan Kanagalingam (MSc, 8/1998) – currently: Senior Research Project Leader, Intl. Fertilizer
Development Center (IFDC), USA
“Synthesis and Characterization of UV- Crosslinkable Peptide-Based Polymers for the Use in
Glaucoma Treatment”
28. R Dan Lousenberg (MSc 9/1997) – currently: Principal Investigator, DuPont, USA
“Synthesis of Novel Fluoropolymers”
Previous Undergraduate Students: 72
1. Alan Amin (BASc expected 6/2018, summer 2017)
“Affinity Release for the Retina”
2. Julia Luo (BASc expected 6/2018, summer 2017)
“Neuronal Cells Transplanted in Brain”
3. Anika Meng (BASc expected 6/2018, summer 2017)
“Colloidal Aggregates in Cancer”
4. Bart Maracewicz (BASc expected 6/2018, summer 2017)
“Re-purposed drugs for neuronal differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells-derived
neural stem cells.”
5. Niema Binth Mohammad (BASc 6/2017, summer student 2016; thesis student 2016-17)
“Hydrogels for 3D Cell culture”
6. Natalie Landon-Brace (BASc 6/2017, summer student 2016; thesis student 2016-17)
“Evaluation of a Biocomposite for Local Drug Delivery to the Brain”
7. Martina Heinelt (BASc 6/2017, summer student 2016; thesis student 2016-17)
“Engineering an Analgesic Drug Delivery Biomaterial”
8. Marc Goudge (BASc 6/2017, summer student 2016; thesis student 2016-17)
“Engineered Drug Nanoparticles”
9. Oriana Shaw (BASc expected 6/2017, summer thesis student 2016)
“Stem Cell Differentiation for Spinal Cord Repair”
10. Leo Zhu (BASC expected 5/2018, summer student 2016)
“Cell Transplantation into the Retina”
11. Sohrab Zand (BASc expected 6/2017, summer student 2016)
“A Biomaterial to Prevent Inflammation and Acute Pain Following Spinal Surgery”
12. Molly Lindway (BASc expected 6/2018, Marquette University, summer student 2016)
“Local Delivery in Models of Pain”
13. Jill Harrop (McMaster University, 5/2015 – 8/2015)
“Cell Delivery”
14. Shermaine Li (BSc 6/2015, summer student 2015)
“Colloidal Drug Aggregates”
15. Jay Chi (BSc 6/2015, summer student 2015)
“3D Hydrogel Patterning”
16. Priya Anandakumaran (BASC 6/2014, thesis student, summer student 2013; undergraduate summer
research award, IBBME)
“3D Hydrogel Patterning”
17. Pearson Wu (BASC 6/2014, thesis student, summer student 2013; summer NSERC [2013])
“Polymeric Nanoparticles in Cancer”
18. Jennifer Chan (BASc 6/2014, summer student 2013)
“Cell Delivery to the CNS”
19. Naushin Ali (BASc expected 6/2014, summer student 2013)
“Local Delivery in Stroke”
20. Ahil Ganesh (BASc 6/2013; summer student 2012; thesis student 2012-13; UROP summer research
award, IBBME [2012])
“Herceptin Conjugated Polymeric Nanoparticles for in Vitro Delivery of Docetaxel”
21. Hongmin Chen (BASc 6/2013, summer student 2012; thesis student 2012-13; CIHR TPRM Summer
Scholarship [2012]) – currently: Hardware Integration Engineer, MAJIK Systems
“Controlled Delivery of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) to Promote Regeneration of
the Damaged Central Nervous System”
22. Stephanie Iwasa (BASc 6/2013, summer student 2012; thesis student 2012-13; NSERC USRA
[2012]; Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship [2011])
“Hydrogels for Controlling Cancer Cell Fate Ex Vivo”
23. Kasra Tajdaran (BSc 6/2013; summer student 2012; thesis student 2012-13; UROP summer
research award, IBBME [2012]; NSERC USRA [2012])
“Controlled Release of Therapeutic Proteins for Spinal Cord Injury”
24. Karen Giang (BASc expected 6/2013; 8 month co-op work-term)
“Peptide Hydrogels to Guide Cell Differentiation”
25. Jiawei Zhao (BSc, 6/2012, summer student 2011; thesis student, 2011-12)
“Hyaluronan-methylcellulose Hydrogel for Attenuating Immune Response in the Stroke-injured
26. Joshua Budman (BASc, expected 7/2013, summer student 2011)
“Hydrogel Controlled Hydrophobic Drug Delivery”
27. Anthony Vo (MD, expected 06/2015, summer student 2011)
“Synthesis and Manipulation of Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel as a Cell Culture Model for
Representation of Extracellular Matrix”
28. Mercedeh Modir Shanechi (BASc 6/2011, thesis student)
“Stroke Injury Repair Strategies”
29. Valerie Peng (BASc Integrative Biology Specialist, expected 6/2011, summer student 2009, 2010)
“Bioengineering Strategies in Spinal Cord Injury”
30. Stacey-Lynn Paiva (BSc, 6/2011, summer student 2010)
“Targeted Delivery in Cancer”
31. Ankeeta Tadkase (BASc 6/2010, thesis student)- currently: Medical Student, UofT
“Bioengineering Strategies in Alzheimer’s Disease”
32. Siang (Ban) Lee (BASc, 6/2010)- currently: Medical Student, Northwestern University Feinberg
School of Medicine
“Bioengineering Strategies in Spinal Cord Injury”
33. Wan Hua Tan (BASc, 6/2009)- currently: MSE Candidate, Biomedical Eng.; John Hopkins U.
“Bioengineering Strategies in Stroke”
34. Fut (Kuo) Yang (BASc, 6/2009)- currently: MASc, Chem Engg., UofWaterloo
“Modelling Drug Delivery”
35. Xiao Yang (BASc, 6/2009)
“3D Scaffold Characterization”
36. Xinzhi Zhang (BASc, 6/2009)
“3-D Patterning”
37. Jason Stanwick (BASc, 6/2009)
“Nanoparticle Formulation”
38. Loheetha Ragupathi (BASc, 6/2009, summer student)
“Nanoparticle lyophilization”
39. Changchang Xu (BASc, 6/2008)
“Cell Response to Biomaterials”
40. Yuan-Fei Wang (BASc, 6/2008)
“Injectable Hydrogels”
41. Alex Lee (BASc, 5/2007)
“IL-2 Encapsulation in Nanospheres for Drug Delivery against Breast Cancer”
42. Careesa Liu (BASc, 6/2007)
“Growth Factor Concentration Gradients”
43. Nafees Rahman (BASc, 5/2007)
“Peptide Modification of Chitosan to Control Neural Stem Cell Adhesion”
44. Siva Srikukenthiran (BASc, 5/2007)
“Rheological Properties of Injectable Chitosan Hydrogels”
45. Alex Shen (BASc, 5/2007), co-supervised with Milica Radisic
“Concentration Gradients of Growth Factors to Guide Cardiomyocytes”
46. Divya Yadava (BASc, 5/2006)
“IL-2 Drug Encapsulation in Nanoparticles for Cancer Drug Delivery”
47. Karineh Kazazian (BASc, 5/2005)
“Characterization of Chitin/Chitosan Scaffolds”
48. Howard Kim (BASc, 5/2005)
“Injectable Drug Delivery System”
49. Brandon Kwong (BASc, 5/2005)
“3-D Patterned Hydrogels”
50. Ivan Ying (BASc, 5/2005)
“Synthesis and Characterization of Polyesters for Neural Tissue Engineering”
51. Alex Goraltchouk (BASc, 5/2004)
“Tissue Engineered Tubular Constructs”
52. Patricia Lai (BASc, 5/2004)
“Novel Fluoropolymers”
53. Irene Ying (BASc, 5/2004)
“Peptide-Modified Dextran”
54. Hui Shan Koh (BASc, 5/2004)
“Chitin/Chitosan Scaffolds”
55. Ryan Lim (BASc, 5/2003)
“The Characterization of Macro-Porous Dextran Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering Applications”
56. Patricia Musoke-Zawedde (BASc, 5/2003)
“Neuronal Cellular Response To Caged and Un-caged Laminin-Derived Peptide CDPGYIGSR”
57. Lauren Flynn (BASc, 5/2002)
“Oriented Hydrogel Scaffolds”
58. Emily Tam (BSc, 5/2002)
“Controlled Release of Neurotrophic Factors”
59. Shaily Sanghavi (BASc, 5/2002)
“PHEMA Hollow Fiber Membranes”
60. Gillian Hillel (BASc, 5/2001)
“Delivery of Growth Factors from Collagen Gels”
61. Naana Jumah (BASc, 5/2001)
“Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering”
62. Alexandra Piotrowicz (BASc, 5/2001)
“Novel Polycarbonates for Drug Delivery”
63. Amanda Collison (BASc, 5/2000)
“New Poly(HEMA) Conduits for Nerve Regeneration”
64. Roy Quan (BASc, 5/2000)
“Investigating Surface Properties of Polymer Blends with Novel Poly(trifluorovinyl ether)s”
65. Sarah Chung (BASc, 5/1999)
“Drug Delivery from Hydrogels”
66. Stephan Dang (BASc, 5/1999)
“Patterned Surfaces for Co-culturing Neurons and Astrocytes”
67. Derek Shaw (BASc, 5/1999)
“Crosslinking Novel Fluoropolymers”
68. Karen King (BASc, 5/1998)
“Comparing the Mechanical Properties of Central and Peripheral Neural Tissue”
69. Christine Kerba (BASc, 12/1997)
“Modification of Glass for Controlled Nerve Cell Interaction”
70. John Khajadourian (BASc, 5/1997) - currently: Principal, Windrock Associates
“FEP Modification and Characterization after Metal Vapour Deposition”
71. Samar Saneinejad (BASc, 5/1997 - Centennial Award, Best Thesis in Chemical Engineering)
“Patterning Glass with Cell Adhesive and Non-adhesive Regions”
72. Yvonne Ying (BASc, 5/1996)
“PC12 and Hippocampal Nerve Cell Growth on Peptide Modified Agarose”
Previous International Exchange Students: 19
1. Katariina Mamia (diploma candidate, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, 9/2016 – 5/2017)
“Retinal Stem Cell Transplantation Strategies”
2. Sarah Chagri (diploma candidate, Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Mainz, 9/2016 – 2/2017)
“3D Cell Culture Scaffolds”
3. Astrid Heck (diploma candidate, Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Mainz, 9/2015 – 2/2016)
“Biomaterials for Cell Delivery”
4. Tobias Bauer (diploma candidate, Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Mainz, 9/2015 – 2/2016)
“3D Hydrogels for in vitro Cell Culture”
5. Molly Lindway (Marquette University, 7/2015 – 8/2015)
“Tunable Hydrogels”
6. Erik Kersten (diploma candidate, Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Mainz, 9/2014 – 3/2015)
“Polymeric Biomaterial Modification”
7. Fernando Miyazaki (undergraduate student, State University of Campinas, SP, Brazil, 6/2014-
12/2014); Science without Borders Scholarship
“Biomaterials Characterization: in vitro and in vivo”
8. Barbara Cristina Martins Fernandes Paes, (undergraduate student, Sao Paulo State University,
Brazil, 6/2014-8/2014); Science without Borders Scholarship
“Retinal Stem Cell Culture”
9. Beatrice Ballarin (diploma candidate, Maastricht University, Italy, 12/2013-08/2014)
“Cell Delivery to the Central Nervous System”
10. Marilena Gimnich (diploma candidate, Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Mainz, 9/2013-3/2014)
“Polymeric Drug Delivery Strategies”
11. Berly de Groot (Master’s candidate, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 6/2013-10/2013)
“Conjugation Chemistry of Bioactive Cell Adhesion Molecules”
12. Phillipus Putter (PhD candidate, Oxford, UK, 4/2013-6/2013) – currently: Founder and CSO, Morum
Consulting, Oxford MEStar
“Neural Cell Differentiation”
13. Nattisa Niyomtham (Master's candidate, Ramkhamhaeng University, Thailand 7/2013-12/2013)
“Polymeric Micelle Delivery of Cucurbitacin B”
14. Johanna Reitz (diploma candidate, Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Mainz, 8/2012-2/2013)
“Peptide-crosslinked Biomaterials”
15. Ira Schmid (diploma candidate, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Germany, 09/2011-
“Drug-Encapsulated Targeted Polymeric Nanoparticles”
16. Nuno Silva (PhD Candidate, Minho University, Portugal, 8/2010-4/2011)
“3D Functionalized Multi-Supportive Structures”
17. Roy Holland (Medical Student, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, 8/2011-9/2011)
“The Development of Stem Cell Delivery Strategies for the Enhancement of Cell Survival
following Transplantation into the Brain”
18. David Nisbet (PhD, Monash University, Australia, 6/2007- 11/2007) – currently: Associate Professor,
Australian National University
“Concentration Gradients in Xyloglucan Scaffolds”
19. Tobias Klaempfl (PhD, Technical University of Munich, Germany, 5/2009-10/2009) – currently: PhD
Candidate, Germany
“PLGA Microsphere Modification”
Previous Technicians
1. David Martens (Histology Technician, 1/2002-6/2003) – currently: medical doctor
2. Matthew Caicco (Technician, 10/2012-09/2013)
3. Sonja Ing (Tissue Engineering Technician, 10/2015-6/2016)
4. Priya Aneja (Tissue Engineering Technician I, 11/2016-3/2018)