Feature of the Month Archive

Feature of the Month Archive

• July 2019 - There is a lot to celebrate this month. Congrats to all! In publications, Eric Donders on the recent publication of his paper in ACS Chemical Biology and Alexander Baker on having his paper accepted to Advanced Materials. In awards, Eric Donders for being awarded an OGS Scholarship for next year; Margaret Ho for being awarded an OGS Scholarship for next year, in addition to being awarded the Cecil Yip Doctoral Award from CCBR; Carter Teal for being awarded a VSRP scholarship for next year; and Eric Ho for being awarded the Cecil Yip Doctoral Award from CCBR

• June 2019 - Congratulations to Dr. Ahil Ganesh, featured among the top 25 poster presentations at the GRC on Preclinical Form and Formulation for Drug Discovery. We would also like to congratulate Dr. Alexander Baker. In the June 7, 2019 Chem-Eng Newsletter, he was included among 13 grad students to watch

• May 2019 - Congrats to Eric H. who won 2nd place for his podium presentation at iARC.

• April 2019 - Congratulations to Alexander Baker. Dr. Baker successfully defended his PhD. He also won the best poster award in the Health area at the Chem Eng dinner. We would also like to welcome Dr. Muhammad Rizwan as a post-doctoral fellow to our lab.

• March 2019 - A month of research stemming from our lab: Congratulations to Ahil Ganesh on his paper being accepted to ACS Chemical Biology. Congratulations to Margaret Ho and Carter Teal on their review paper being accepted to Brain Research Bulletin. Congratulations to Marian Hettiaratchi on her paper being accepted to J. Controlled Release!

• December 2018 - January 2018 - Congratulations to Eric Ho, Margaret Ho, and Carter Teal. All successfully bypassed from MASc and into the PhD program in December 2018.

• August 2018 - Congratulations to Sonja Ing on successfully defending her MASc thesis! We wish Sonja great success in veterinary school at the University of Guelph.

• July 2018 - Congratulations to Samantha Payne for successfully defending her PhD! We would also to congratulate Ellie Arnold, Eric Donders, and Eric Ho who have all been awarded OGS scholarships.

• June 2018 - Congratulations to Nick for successfully defending his PhD! As always, Nick had a lot to say and it was all good. Great job!

• May 2018 - Congratulations to Anup who successfully defended his PhD more than a week ago, but I’m not sure that we congratulated him with an all group e-mail. Great job Anup on getting across that finish line with an exciting new drug combination! We would also like to congratulate Jackie for successfully defending her PhD at the Departmental Oral. Jackie also did a great job explaining her data! Just one more defense left. We would also like to congratulate Anup on having a News & Views article accepted for publication in Nature Materials!

• March/April 2018 - Congratulations to Alex who will be awarded the Chemical Engineering Student Life Catalyst Award! We will also like to congratulate Sonja who will now have a busy summer writing up her Master’s thesis and peer-reviewed papers before heading off to Guelph.

• January/February 2018 - Love is in the air: Join me in congratulating Linyang on her recent marriage; Alex on his recent marriage; and Anup on his recent engagement. We would also like to congratulate Dr. Stephanie Fisher who has successfully defended her PhD.

• December 2017 - Congratulations to Nick Mitrousis on winning the Blue Rock Best Translational Research Poster Award at the Medicine by Design 2017 Symposium. MORE

• November 2017 - Many congratulations in the lab: Margaret Ho on receiving the Barbara & Frank Milligan Graduate Fellowship; Jackie Obermeyer on receiving the Professor William F. Graydon Memorial Graduate Fellowship; Dr. Jennifer Logie (PhD, 8/2017) on receiving the Department of Chemical Engineering's (UofT) Graduate Student Life Catalyst Award Therapeutic. We would also like to congratulate Dr. Roger Tam on his new position as Research Scientist in Glycobiology, at Health Canada. MORE

• October 2017 - Samantha Payne describes how she uses HAMC hydroge for cell delivery to the brain. MORE
Also, on October 24th, 2017, Petro Czupiel earned the Guinness World Record for running a half-marathon (21.1km) while dressed as a clown. Congratulations Petro on this great accomplishment! MORE

• September 2017 - We welcome Aileen Gracias (PhD, Karolinska Institute, Sweden) to our lab for graduate studies.

• August 2017 - We welcome Eric Ho (BASc, Waterloo), Margaret Ho (BMSc, Western) and Carter Teal (MEng, Imperial College, UK) to our lab for graduate studies. Many congratulations in the lab: Julia Rao on winning an award at UnERD; Ahil Ganesh, Sam Payne and Margaret Ho on receiving an OGS; and Jackie Obermeyer on receiving a QEII Scholarship. We would also like to congratulate Stephanie Fisher on securing an intership at BlueRock Therapeutics.

• June/July 2017 - We say farewell to Dr. Jennifer Logie who takes up a position at Environment Canada in Ottawa after completing an industry internship at Hammock Therapeutics.

• May 2017 - Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Sporting Life 10k Toronto Marathon

• March 2017 - Congratulations to Laura Bahlmann who was awarded an NSERC CGSM

• December 2016 - Congratulations to Jennifer Logie who successfully defended her PhD! Dr. Logie is now doing an internship at Hammock Pharmaceuticals. MORE

• October/November 2016 - Congratulations to Priya Anandakumaran and Jessica Ngai who both successfully defended their Master's of Applied Science and Engineering in September 2016. Priya is off to Columbia University to pursue her PhD and Jessica is at an internship at Merrimack Pharmaceuticals.

• September 2016 - The Shoichet Lab welcomes Dr. Ana Fokina from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Ms. Laura Bahlman, BSc Waterloo and Mr. Eric Donders, Queen's University.

• August 2016 - Shoichet Lab swells in summer 2016 with undergraduate researchers. Welcome to the lab: Niema Binth Mohammad, Leo Zhu, Martina Heinelt, Molly Lindway, Marc Goudge, Natalie Landon-Brace, Elliott Birman, Oriana Shaw, and Shorab Zand.

• June/July 2016 - Congratulations! Leah Kesselman, Irja Elliott Donaghue, and Malgosia Pakulska celebrate after convocation with Molly Shoichet.

• May 2016 - Congratulations to all the presenters at WBC2016. Our lab was well presented with both current graduate students, as well as former graduate students!

• April 2016 - Congratulations to Linyang Yu on successfully passing her PhD bypass exam.

• January 2016 - Congratulations to Irja Donaghue Elliott on successfully defending her PhD, as well as Leah Kesselman on her MASc.

• December 2015 - Congratulations to Malgosia Pakulska on successfully defending her PhD and securing a great job with Medicine by Design. We would also like to congratulate Samantha Payne on winning one of the three prizes awarded by the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine's (OIRM), for their Pitchfest competition. A video will be put together after the New Year and available in Spring...stay tuned!

• October/November 2015 - There are many to whom we wish to extend our congratulations. In awards, congratulations to Ellie Arnold on receiving the 2015 Cecil Yip Doctoral Research Award. Congratulations to Petro Czupiel and Jessica Ngai on their recent OGS scholarships. Congratulations to Stephanie Fisher, Anup Tuladhar and Samantha Payne who have all been awarded QEII Graduate Scholarships. We would also like to congratulation Jamie Parker who sucessfully completed his Master of Science in Chemistry. We wish Jamie great success in Law School her at UofT.

• July/August 2015 - The Shoichet Lab welcomes the following summer students: Shermaine Li, Jay Chi, Jill Harrop, Elliot Birman, and Molly Lindway.

• June 2015 - Congratulations to Shoichet Lab Alumnus, Prof Nic Leipzig, on his recent promotion to Associate Professor with tenure at the University of Akron! Also, our innovative hydrogel for cell transplantation to the eye and brain, co-led by Brian Ballios and Michael Cooke, garnered national and international attention.

• March/April 2015 - There is a lot to celebrate in these last couple of months. Congratulations to Katarina Vulic on her new job at Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research. Congratulations to Priya Anandakumaran and Laura Smith on winning the prestigious NSERC CGSM! Congratulations to Ellie Arnold on winning a prestigious NSERC CGSD!

• January/February 2015 - We are delighted to welcome Dr. Vianney Delplace from Universite de Paris Sud to the Shoichet Lab as a post-doctoral fellow.

• November/December 2014 - Congratulations to Katarina Vulic who will receive her PhD at convocation on November 21 and to Karyn Ho who will receive her Masters in Biomedical Communications on November 19. Molly is super excited to be speaking at Katarina's convocation on November 21. Katarina is currently doing an internship at Novartis in Cambridge, MA and Karyn is working at Mechanisms in Medicine to develop visual patient education resources as a 3D animator and senior grants manager.

• October/November 2014 - We welcomed a number of students to our lab, who have also come with a number of awards: We welcome Linyang Yu and congratulate her on winning a prestigious Connaught Graduate Scholarship; we welcome Ellie Arnold to the lab and congratulate her for winning an NSERC CGSM scholarship; we welcome Jessica Ngai and congratulate her on winning an NSERC CREATE in M3 scholarship; congratulations also goes to Irja Donaghue Elliott and Katarina Vulic who have also won the this award. We also welcome Laura Smith to the lab.

• August/September 2014 - There are many to whom we wish to extend our congratulations: Congratulations to Alexander Baker for winning the best poster prize at the Canadian Biomaterials Society meeting in 2014 and an NSERC CGSD.Congratulation to Anup Tuladahar for winning an OGS Scholarship, and the Mary Gertrude l'Anson Scholarship; Ahil Ganesh for winning an NSERC PGSD; Jackie Obermeyer for winning an NSERC CGSD; Leah Kesselman for winning an NSERC CGSD; and Tobi Fuehrmann for winning a CIHR TPRM post-doctoral scholarship. We welcome Priya Anandakumaran to the lab for graduate school and congratulate her for winning a QEII OGSST graduate scholarship.

• January-February 2014 - We congratulate Dr. Shawn Owen, former post-doctoral fellow, who started as a tenure track Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Utah. We would also like to congratulate Dr. Brian Ballios, former PhD student, won the first place poster prize for the MD/PhD category at the 28th annual Medical Student Research Day (MSRD), that was held on January 28, 2014. The event showcased a total of 170 posters submitted across nine different research categories; and to Dr. Karyn Ho, former PhD student, who was recently named a Vesalian Scholar.

• October-December 2013 - Congratulations to Yuanfei Wang for successfully defending her PhD! We wish Yuanfei all the best as she returns to work at Fletcher Spaght, Inc. We would also like to congratulate Anup on receiving the TPRM graduate student fellowship, Tobi for receiving the TPRM post-doctoral fellowship, and Mike for receiving the MITACs ELEVATE post-doctoral fellowship and inclusion in the Rotman school Creative Destructive Lab program.

• August/September 2013 - Congratulations to Brian G. Ballios, PhD on winning the prestigious Donnelly Centre thesis prize. Congratulations also to Priya Anandakumaran for winning undergraduate awards for her summer research from both IBBME for her oral presentation and UnERD for her poster presentation. Congratulations to Michael Cooke, PhD for winning a MITACs elevate post-doctoral fellowship and to Chris McLaughlin for winning a prestigious NSERC PDF.

• June/July 2013 - Congratulations to Brian G. Ballios, PhD who officially received his PhD at convocation in June 2013. We wish Brian best of luck as he continues his medical school training. Please also welcome the newest members of the Shoichet Group: Chris McLaughlin, PhD (post-doctoral fellow); Jamie Parker (Master's student); Ahil Ganesh (Master's student).

• May 2013 - Join me in congratulating Jackie Obermeyer for getting first prize in the IBBME poster competition in her category; Petro Czupiel for getting honourable mention in the IBBME poster competition in his category; Ahil Ganesh for winning an OGS; and Leah Kesselman for winning an NSERC CGSM.

• March 2013 - We congratulate Dr. Shawn Owen on winning the prestigious Controlled Release Society T. Nagai Postdoc Research Achievement Award.

• December 2012 - Congratulations to Daniel McLean who successfully defended his PhD at the department level and will return to defend his PhD at the University level in the new year. We wish Dan great success as he pursues a policy internship with Health Canada.

• October 2012 - Congratulations to Brian Ballios for successfully defending his PhD.  We wish Brian great success as he returns to medical school to finish his MD. And congratulations to Roger Tam and Karyn Ho for their cover art on the October 2012 issue of J Materials Chemistry. MORE

• September/October 2012 - Congratulations to Dianna Chan and Matt Caicco for successfully defending their Master's of Applied Science degrees.  We wish Dianna all the best as she embarks on her new career at Kraft and are delighted that Matt will stay to explore commercial properties of HAMC. And welcome the newest members of the Shoichet lab: Petro Czupiel, Dr. Tobi Fuehrman, Leah Kesselman, Jackie Obermeyer and Samantha Payne.

• August 2012 - Congratulations to Karyn Ho for successfully defending her PhD! We wish Karyn all the best as she dives into the world of Biomedical Communications. Congratulations also goes to Shawn Owen's paper in ACS Chemical Biology. It is in the top 10 most downloaded from ACS Chemical Biology in the last 12 months. MORE

• May 2012 - Congratulations to Brian Ballios for winning the first place price for science talks at the IMS Scientific Day. Congratuations also goes to Matt Caicco and Malgosia Pakulska for winning a travel award to this summers Controlled Release Society meeting; and for Anup Tuladhar on winning an OGS Scholarship. Well done to all!

• April 2012 - Congratulations to Jennifer Logie on winning an NSERC CGS-M! Also congratulations to Ryan Wylie on winning a Banting Post-doctoral Fellowship!

• February/March 2012 - Congratulations to Jiao Lu for successfully defending her Ph.D.! We wish Dr. Lu all the best as she pursues a post-doctoral fellowship in Japan at Kyoto University, under the supervision of Prof. Akiyoshi Kazunari; she is being hired by the Japan Science and Technology Agengy (JST). Also to congratulate are: Brian Ballios for having his paper on retinal stem cell differentiation to photoreceptors published in Biology Open; Jason Stanwick and Doug Baumann for their paper on the controlled release of anti-NogoA in Int. J. Pharmaceutics; and Ira Schmid has completed a 6-month exchange from Johannes-Gutenberg, Universitat Mainz, Germany and will return to her home institution

• January 2012 - Congratulations to Chelsea Nimmo and Karyn Ho for their cover art of Bioconjugate Chemistry. Also to congratulate are: Katarina Vulic for her innovative delivery system, published in JACS; Karyn Ho for her novel cancer delivery system, published in Biomaterials; Daniel McLean for his informative brain imaging system, published in J. Controlled Release; and Yuanfei Wang for her new local delivery system to the brain, published in Biomaterials

• November/December 2011 - Congratulations to Yukie Aizawa for successfully defending her PhD! We wish Yukie all the best as she returns to work at Kaneka. We congratulate Howard Kim, PhD; Ryan Wylie, PhD; Chelsea Nimmo, MSc; and Jason Stanwick, MASc, all of whom formally received their degrees at convocation in November.

• October 2011 - Congratulations to Ryan Wylie for successfully defending his PhD thesis. We wish Ryan continued success as he pursues a post-doctoral fellowship in Robert Langer's laboratory at MIT. We would also like to congratulate Doug Baumann, PhD, on his new job at Syngenta.

• September 2011 - Congratulations to three new graduates from The Shoichet Lab. Howard Kim successfully defended his PhD and is now pursuing a career at Bayliss Medical. Jason Stanwick successfully defended his MASc and is pursuing a career at Apotex. Chelsea Nimmo successfully presented her MSc and is now pursuing a law degree at McGill University. Congratulations to Howard, Jason and Chelsea and best of luck in their new careers.

• August 2011 - Shoichet lab undergraduates sweep prizes at the annual Undergraduate Engineering Research Day (UnERD) symposium. Anthony Vo won first prize in the afternoon podium presentation session and Joshua Budman won second prize in the morning podium presentation session. Congratulations to Anthony and Josh! We wish Anthony great success at the University of Ottawa where he begins medical school and Josh best of luck as he returns to John Hopkins for his third year of Biomedical Engineering